Working holiday
The time that the allotment garden mainly attracted a somewhat older target group is really over; the gardens have become a nice getaway for all ages. From young families to city people who like to find peace and quiet and greenery in their spare time. It is actually a place of pleasure and refuge in one. But know this: sitting back is usually short-lived, because on an allotment you have to work. Of course in your own garden, but often there are also compulsory gardening jobs to keep the communal greenery up to date.

Allotment stories
They are also proud and happy allotment holders. There is so much to do in an allotment and in the garden park that they even wrote a book about it: Volkstuinverhalen (allotment stories). In green you come to yourself and certainly in coronation time it is nice to be outside. Here we realise how important greenery is for people, animal life and the city: without trees, it would quickly become a few degrees warmer in summer between all that stone and we would have wet feet after every downpour.

This is also how you get a garden
But how do you get such a coveted patch of green with a garden shed, close to civilisation? Candidate gardeners can submit an application with an estimate of the costs. Of this, 75% is refunded.

Every time a garden becomes available, you may go and look at it and indicate whether you would like to take it over. The higher you are on the list, the better your chances are. Sometimes you’re lucky and after two years you can put your hands in the ground!

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