List of balcony plants
A list of annuals and perennials that – with your good care of course – will do just fine on a balcony is always handy. Especially now that you only have half an hour to rummage through the shop.

Do you have a north-facing balcony with all-day shade? Then these plants are suitable: hosta, ivy, hydrangea, begonia, skimmia, fuchsia and bergenia.

Balcony facing west? That is when you are most bothered by the wind. Make sure you use sturdy, large pots that are not easily blown over and strong and low-growing plants such as laurel, lungwort, boxwood and lilies. Don’t forget to water regularly, pots dry out quickly due to the wind.

A south-facing balcony gets a lot of sun, which means not only that you should choose plants which like heat and direct sun but also that you should water them a lot. In summer, this can easily mean twice a day. These plants are suitable for a south-facing balcony: Lobelia, petunia, geranium, lavender, rose and grape.

For an east-facing balcony, the plants which do well in the south are also suitable, as they get the full sun especially in the morning. Magnificent in a pot are ironwood, lobelia, violets, geranium, lady’s mantle and palm lily.

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